Your Perfect Guide to Restylane

If you are a person who is always aware of the new technologies that keep advancing throughout the world, are a fan of continuously new innovations or are a beauty expert who is well aware of all beauty treatments then the word Restylane is no new term for you at all. However, on the other hand, if you are a beauty fan and not a beauty expert then you would be greatly eager to know about Restylane, which you have often heard about but not known fully till now.
Hence this article is your perfect guide for Restylane and you can know all about what it is, what its duration and recovery time for effective usage is, what its side effects are through this article. The information is all given below

What is Restylane?

Restylane is actually a brand name by Q-Med for a type of filler that is injected within the skin through an injection which has been formulated from a non-animal made HA or Hyaluronic Acid which is normally found inside the body naturally but when it is not found or produced in the body’s skin anymore then it is injected through this injection.
This is the very first stabilized HA filler of all in the whole market while more than 11 million people have used this treatment all over the world as it is also approved by the US FDA for all sub dermal facial tissue treatments as cosmetic injections.

What Is the Duration and Recovery Time for Restylane?

While the duration and treatment time might depend on the condition of the skin, it’s type as well as its elasticity and flexibility according to one’s lifestyle as well as age, the initial treatment and follow ups for these sessions include a normal duration of 6 to 12 months normally for the results while when it comes to such treatments for lips areas then the results last less than 6 months normally as well.
The recovery time for these treatments of all types includes just about 2 to 3 days. Restylane vital has comparatively smaller recovery duration. Although, it has very similar benefits like other restylane products.


What Are the Side Effects of Restylane?

Side effects are the most important factor of all to be known because they normally determine the usage and the effectiveness of this treatment that they have been provided for. There can be normal effects of temporary bruising while swelling and numbness can also remain in the areas for a few 2 to 3 days whereas there might be some cases where there is additional and serious problem, there might be effects of lumps and granulomas that need to be reversed with the help of other treatments and procedure normally Hyaluronidase that is the injection of an enzyme to speed up the degradation of the filler of hyaluronic acid that had been injected before.
These long term side effects might not be understood well yet but are just seen as foreign reactions in some bodies of different types.
Hence now you know all about Restylane and can seriously educate others about it professionally too.

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