Best Android Apps that you can't miss this November

Android is getting more popular and popular. Likewise, the amount of apps’ publishers has also increased. Every week we have new apps coming onto the PlayStore that we can use to make the most use of our Android phones. This week we have some spectacular apps for you that you should not miss at all.

Have a look….!!!!!

Music Player

Music Player is a powerful music app that comes with an equalizer to manage the volume and audio texture according to your need. You can also make a quick search to get all the audio files in the list. It also comes with a custom background skin that is completely free. You can also use Music Player to listen all other audio formats.

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DeskDock is a brand new app that allows you to share your mouse from your computer to anyone else. You just need to connect your PC or laptop to this app by using your Android device. Once you are done with it, you can use your mouse from your Android device easily.

You can copy and paste different files and folders by using your Android device, and if you are working on a project with your friend or partner, then you can share it with him so that he can takeover everything and help you to achieve your goal.

The company aims to shortly launch a more advances version of this app that will allow you to also share your keyboard. That new app will be workable with Windows, Mac and Linux as well.


Fox Sports VR

Fox Sports VR allows you to watch your favorite sport on VR. Feel like a football executive by using the large VIP-Style suite that allows you to watch the game in VR mode. You can watch the game through various views and angles as you like. The most appealing thing about Fox Sports VR is that the app is completely free.


Google Allo

Google Allo has been on PlayStore since September with kind of mixed reviews. Some people just loved the app and some had some reservations. You can do many things with the app, especially the Google Assistant is awesome and allows you to utilize in any non incognito chat.

However, the critics say that there are not many other functionalities available on this app until now and some have concerns with Google logging conversation in non incognito mode chats. But it is still too early to predict, but one thing is for sure that this app has got many eyeballs watching it.

Possibly, there would be more features coming in the future that will boost the apps performance and functionality. But for now, it can be considered as a fairly basic messaging service that is free of cost and must be check at-least once.


Google Trips

Google trips is a app for travelers – you can plan your entire trip from the very start of your journey to the end. The app has the ability to include things like itinerary directly from your Gmail account with your restaurant reservations and other plans as well.

The app also offers many landmarks and gives you the access to a list of popular landmarks as well as tourist attractions that you would love to visit. You can also make use it on offline mode to check your plans even when you don’t have an internet connection available. The best thing is that it is completely free.


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